Take the guesswork out of podcasting with our data-driven strategies, content creation formulas, and marketing techniques. Walk away with clear action steps for how to optimize your podcast for business growth.

Marketing strategy, content creation, and revenue strategy to help you grow your business through your podcast.

Podcast Strategy Session

👉🏼 Here’s how we accomplish that for you with our podcast consulting packages...

You're overwhelmed by the number of options and details that are falling on your plate as a podcast host, editor, & manager. 

All the research 🔎, pro's and cons lists 🗒, podcast scripts, and mp3’s 🎧 are starting to bury your excitement and focus on a platform that requires the absolute best of your energy and confidence - especially if you want your podcast to stand out in the market and if it’s going to grow your business.

Here’s the thing.

👉🏼You don’t have to feel like you’re “winging it” with your podcast strategy. 

You can have a clear and simple strategy for how your podcast can grow your business without the decision fatigue and endless frustration. 😣

Stuck doesn't begin to describe how you feel...

Does this sound like you?

We'll design a content calendar for your next quarter to help you plan out your episodes that prep for your next launch. You’ll walk away with a 12 week podcast outline with specific calls to action to drive traffic to your lead magnet, waitlist, or product pages.

Content Creation Systems

We'll step you through various ways your podcast can bring in revenue including affiliate opportunities, sales funnels, or private podcast subscriptions. You’ll walk away with a customized plan for ways your podcast can increase your income.

Podcast Revenue

We'll focus on how your podcast nurtures leads and drives traffic to your website using data points we’ll collect from you before our session. You’ll walk away with actionable steps for improving your podcast marketing strategy.

Marketing Audit

Our Approach To Your Podcast Strategy

Enhanced value for their audience in the nurture phase of their customer journey.

Clear direction for content creation and marketing with data points we've uncovered that have helped our clients see from their audience's point of view.

Audience growth with our interview pitch strategies.

Countless hours and $$$$ saved from tighter systems and content marketing workflows.

Results Our Clients Have Seen

"When I started this podcast journey, I knew I needed and wanted support so I sought out an expert in helping teachers get their podcast off the ground. I can't express how truly grateful I am to work with Brittany." Rosalba, Rethinking with Rosalba Podcast

I can't express how truly grateful I am!

We'll help you identify marketing tactics for your podcast and design a strategy for pitching guest interviews that will reach a broader audience and increase episode downloads.

You'll receive actionable steps for how you can increase podcast subscribers and generate more leads for your business.

Grow your Podcast Audience

Design a content plan that will give your audience a glimpse of what it's like to work with you and your products with topics that are educational, inspirational, and entertaining.

Create content that positions you as an expert and builds trust with your listeners.

Nurture your Leads

Feel confident in your systems with our tools and strategies for planning, producing, and publishing your episodes.

Learn how to spend less time creating episodes and marketing them on various platforms using our production tutorials and repurposing strategies.

Simplify your Processes


Take the First Step

"Brittany walked me through podcasting from step one and she continues to be a really supportive, knowledgeable mentor! I would never have started The Teaching History Her Way Podcast without her guidance and support and most of all encouragement. I’m really excited about my new venture and I have Brittany to thank for giving me the confidence to take the leap." - CherylAnne, Teaching History, Her Way Podcast

Brittany is a really knowledgeable and supportive mentor.

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+ How your guests promote your show
+ Content Repurposing Strategy
+ Email Marketing Strategy
+ Revenue Models

+ Work 1:1 for 90 minutes to map out your podcast content for an entire season (or 12 episodes) OR learn ways to monetize your show
+ Google Drive Folder with Shared Videos, Tutorials, Notes, & Suggestions
+ Coaching Plan for Implementation
+ Systems & Procedures (SOP's) Created for your show to hand off to your podcast manager or VA
+ Advance Marketing Overview (which includes):

what's included

The strategy you need to take the mystery out of growing your business with podcasting. Each strategy call is individualized for your needs:

Podcast Strategy Call  

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next step

After you book your consultation you’ll receive a questionnaire to help us better understand your podcast and your business.

This will help us provide you with specific action steps to meet your podcast goals.

we'll ask you some questions...


next step

We'll go through the HPM strategy framework to identify key data points for your podcast, establish a content and marketing strategy, and define growth goals for the next quarter.

You'll receive the video and audio recording of our call.

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02. show up, lunch is on us

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After our call, you’ll get customized videos & templates in a shared Google Drive folder to step you through how to implement the strategic steps we recommend.

resources for your success


Meet your podcast strategist

Designing a podcast involves a lot of moving pieces. 🧩

Ideally, it consists of…. ✨ polished production, ⚙️ user-friendly editing software & systems, and 🖊 effortless content creation.

But most importantly, your podcast needs to revolve around a crystal clear marketing strategy that will convert listeners to clients. 💸

That’s where I come in. 🙋🏻‍♀️

My #1 goal for your podcast launch is to set you up with branding, content creation systems, and a customized production toolkit so that your podcast gets you more leads on autopilot. 

And while I WILL 🤓 geek out on the details, 

(because I’m obsessed with the twists and turns of the podcasting industry - seriously, it’s where my head lives)

 👉🏼 I’m going to help you design a podcast strategy that will focus on the big picture of your unique business.

After all, your podcast is something that represents you, your thought leadership, your brand….and it should be something that you can be proud of. 

Hi, I’m Brittany - Marketing Strategist, Podcast Manager, and Founder of Hello Podcast Media.

Podcasts we’ve worked with

Tap into our expertise from working with countless clients to leverage your podcast and finally start converting listeners to buyers.

It's time to uncomplicate the path to growth for your podcast and put it to work for your business.

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