March 11, 2022

How My Hobby Podcast Turned into a Thriving Business

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I’m Brittany - a woman on a mission to amplify the voices of female entrepreneurs.

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Show Notes

Starting a podcasting in the middle a pandemic completely changed my life. I’m not joking here. In this episode, I share my journey as a podcast strategist and how I started off knowing absolutely nothing about podcasting and just a few short years later I am not the founder of a podcast production agency. 

We will talk all about: 

  • Why I started a podcast in the first place 
  • How I bought so many courses and still had no idea what I was doing 
  • How I learned to highlight my strengths and hire out for my challenges 
  • How I started as a podcast manager and created Hello Podcast Media

About the Show

Podcasts are thriving! Did you know that podcasts can grow your online business, expand your audience, and bring in consistent leads every month? We sure did. Join your host Brittany Rincón, founder of Hello Podcast Media, as she teaches women entrepreneurs the power of podcasting in her new show; Hello Podcast Strategy!

Join us weekly and come along as she shares the stories, secrets, and strategies behind podcasting as a way to grow and scale your business. And you know there will be tons of personal stories along the way.


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