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Show Notes Let’s be honest, producing your own show can sometimes be A LOT! Podcasting is no easy feat, while totally doable, we can sometimes want to throw in the towel. In this episode, I share 5 tips to help you stay consistent with your show and avoid burnout.  In this episode, you will learn:  In […]

Podcast Burnout? 5 Tips to Avoid Podfade

Show Notes Ready to launch a NEW podcast but not sure where to start?! Between learning the tech, or planning your content, there is definitely a learning curve BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out. Learn my 5 step framework that I use with my clients to start their shows. Send me a DM and […]

How to Start a Podcast in 2022

New Podcast Episode

Show Notes DIYing your podcast doesn’t have to be so hard! With these tools, I publish my own podcast as well as all of client’s shows with ease. I share about my favorite hosting site: BuzzsproutThe best transcript app: DescriptMy all time favorite project management tool: ClickUpThe best graphic design site to make graphics: Canvaand even one bonus tool! […]

My Top 5 Podcast Must Have Apps

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Show Notes As a podcaster, I create 3 months worth of episodes at a time. Now I don’t sit and record all of those episodes at once, but I plan out the what ahead of time because I hate that feeling of not knowing what to say, what to post, what to talk to my […]

How I Plan 90 Days of Content in One Day

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Show Notes I’m sure every podcaster has made of these! When I started my first show “The Teacher Leader Podcast” I had no idea what I was doing. Never in a million years did I think that I would start a podcast production agency and this would become such a big passion of mine.  But […]

5 Mistakes I Made as a New Podcaster

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Show Notes I’m sharing 4 reasons why now is the perfect time to start podcasting. Podcasts are perfect for those who know that blogging and Youtube just isn’t their thing (trust me, it wasn’t mine either!). I talk all about: How podcasting helps solidify you as a thought leader How podcasting is the perfect form […]

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Add a Podcast to Your Marketing Strategy

New Podcast Episode

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